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Importing German Shepherd and other Working Dog breeds.

For competition or companion, our import lines excel in top Schutzhund competition, as working police K9s and as family dogs.


Workshop 2013

Gottfried Dildei is preparing for his 2013 Florida Winter Workshops. The following dates are scheduled:

January 6 - 11 (Sunday – Friday, Wednesday off)

January 13 - 18 (Sunday – Friday, Wednesday off)

January 20 - 24 (Sunday – Thursday)

Fees and Reservations: The Workshop Fee is $500 per handler (one dog). Deposits are being accepted ($200) to reserve a space and are not refundable. Payment is due in full by January 1, 2013 for all January 2013 Workshops

Deposits should be sent with the reservation form to:

Gottfried Dildei

P.O. Box 303, Weirsdale, FL 32195

Location: The Winter Workshops will be held at Bob Gailey’s K9 Dog Training Center in Astatula, Florida. ALL questions and reservations should be directed to Gottfried at 352-821-2284. Please, under no circumstances contact Bob or his business for the purposes of these Workshops. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Lodging: Hotel Information will be sent to you after Gottfried receives your registration form and deposit.

Please click on the Registration Form link to download the form. Fill it out and return it to Gottfried with your deposit to reserve your space.


Gottfried obtained his first dog at the age of 12, and has been involved with dog sport for over 45 years. He became a DVG helper at 16 and by 18 had trained two dogs to Schutzhund 3 titles. In 19 76, Gottfried was the youngest person to become a licensed dhv/DVG judge and has been judging club, regional and national trials ever since. In 1984 Gottfried moved to North America, first residing in Canada, where he served as the KG North's president before moving to Florida in 1989.

Gottfried has been an LV Champion many times in both Germany and, most recently, in North America at the 2006 DVG LV America Championship in Tulsa, OK with Moris. He is a multi-time competitor at the Deutsch Meisterschaft, SV Bundeseigher and most recently at the DVG BSP. In addition, he competed in both SchH and FH championships in Germany. His current interest these days is in coaching and training others to enjoy the sport. His expertise and dedication have also been evident in his coaching of many successful teams throughout North America. Gottfried has served the sport of Schutzhund as competitor, certified helper, training coach, training director of four different clubs and licensed judge. Addtionally, he has held the position of OfS, Counselor and Trainer for the Youth Organization in Germany. He also served as DVG America's vice president.

The influence of his method has been realized on multiple continents through demand for seminars, high placements and wins of dog/handler teams utilizing his method as well as the mainstream shift toward these techniques in many disciplines. Here, clearly and in full detail, Gottfried takes you through the development of a champion in all phases of the Schutzhund sport.

Gottfried's emphasis is on motivating the dog to learn, not forcing him. He demonstrates how to teach the dog to work intensely, confidently and slowly from footstep to footstep, all the way to the end of a successful track.

Gottfried believes the only way to develop a joyful, exact obedience dog is to teach him from the beginning to work in drive. In these videos he shows how to help your dog to practice only correct animated work.

Gottfried's secret for creating a hard biting but still well controlled protection dog is to minimize the use of compulsion by teaching the dog to understand his work fully before using any force and to develop aggressive drives at the correct growth stages.


You may contact Gottfried by phone at: 352-821-2284

Email: GDildei@yahoo.com

Mailing Address: PO BOX 303, Wiersdale, FL 32195